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Do you live in Central Indiana
and are overwhelmed by debt?

If so, contact our local Indianapolis bankruptcy attorneys and together we will conduct one of our free freedom debt relief reviews of your case. We’ll show you an effective winning solution that is within your rights and the rules for filing bankruptcy. With our plan, and a little recovery time, you will be able to purchase many of the things you could before filing personal bankruptcy.
Learn about our 3-step process below.

Your financial freedom source for debt relief in Indiana

Call us TODAY at (317) 888.7620 and you could get out debt-free in 6 to 12 months!

What can Chuck Roach do for you?


Can’t sleep? Is your debt making you forgetful? Do you find the stress causing you to argue constantly with your loved ones? Don’t you just want to go back to breathing easy and enjoying life again? There’s a solution and prescription for hope that an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer can provide. Together, we will help you to become our next freedom debt relief client. 

Step 1

Step 2


After step one, you’ll find yourself filled with new life and a sense of knowing everything will be fine. You will no longer have questions such as when should you file bankruptcy, because our Indiana personal bankruptcy attorneys have informed you and answered all your questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy information in Indiana and how you can get out debt-free. 

Step 3


Once you have reached the third step, your debt now seems like a thing of the past. You are confident in your credit score and comfortable with your painless interest rates. Your insurance coverage is working with you and is no longer the enemy. It’s time for your final check-up with our Indianapolis bankruptcy law attorney. To reach financial freedom, contact us today! 


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